Monday, October 12, 2015

Yes or No, by Jeff Shinabarger

I'll just start this review with my bias: I didn't particularly enjoy Jeff Shinabarger' book Yes or No.  It has more to do with my expectations rather than the book itself, but my expectations were shaped by the title and promotional material.  First of all, look at the full title: Yes or No: How Your Everyday Decisions Will Forever Shape Your Life.  This isn't a book about everyday decisions.  The book description says it will help you "develop your personal philosophy of choice" and show a "practical process for making good choices."

None of the above, in my view, really fits the content of Yes or No.  Shinabarger writes a lot about his own life, and the development of his organization, Cardboard People.  I am interested in this organization, which helps "social entrepreneurs" get started.  They are the real target of this book: people who are starting an organization and need help with their vision and focus.  If this is you, great.  You are probably the type-A, motivated individual that Shinabarger is writing for.

For the rest of us, the non-entrepreneurial, low-profile types who would like some guidance in seeking God and making wise and productive decisions as we look for jobs, serve in our churches and communities, and lead our families, Yes or No misses the mark.  It simply didn't deliver as advertised.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the complimentary electronic review copy!

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