Sunday, October 4, 2015

Deep Dark Fears, by Fran Krause

Fran Krause sees peril all around her, real, potential, or purely fantastical.  Based on some of her own fears, as well as some solicited from readers of her blog, she has created a collection of comics encouraging just a little bit more fear.  Deep Dark Fears will ring true with many readers.  Reactions will range from, "I am scared of the same thing!" to "That's ridiculous!" to "I never thought of that--but now I will!"

I don't worry so much about ghosts or a parallel world in the mirror or my loved ones being reincarnated as pets, who then see me going to the bathroom.  But I can see how some might!  More compelling are the fears that pretty much all of us can relate to, like being caught publicly doing something on social media, like "Facebook stalking" your old girlfriend.  And who can't relate to being afraid of becoming "an old person who makes kids afraid of getting old"?

Krause's humor is on the dark side, funny and thoughtful.  Her drawings are the sort that makes you feel like anyone could draw them.  I mean that in the best sense--the art conveys a sense of shared experience.  Deep Dark Fears reminds me of my friend who always seemed to imagine the worst that could happen.  Maybe you've never been afraid of being cut in half by the elevator.  But pick up Deep Dark Fears and you're sure to find some familiar fears--and maybe some new ones, too.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the complimentary electronic review copy!

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