Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Fireside Grown-Up Guide to the Cat, by Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris

I think cats are great.  I don't own a cat.  But then again, can anyone really own a cat?  Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris are full of advice and insight about cats.  Their book The Fireside Grown-Up Guide to the Cat may be just the thing to convince you that you need to get a cat.  Or that you should never even consider such a thing.

Cats and humans have a long history:
"Over thousands of years, we have developed a special relationship with the animals that share our homes.  Dogs have evolved to serve many sorts of human needs.  And humans have evolved to serve many sorts of cat food."

Cats are helpful to have around when you are reading:
"A cat waits until its owner has indicated which books and magazines might be interesting by opening them.  Then the cat sits on the book and reads through its bottom."

Also, "They may seem selfish and pampered, but cats can be very useful around the house.  If Zara did not have a cat, she would have to shred this duvet herself."

The Fireside Grown-Up Guide to the Cat has much of the same humor as other Fireside books, but this one takes a more bizarre, absurdist twist to the humor.  It's a combination of great cat-lover humor and stuff that's just a bit weird.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the complimentary electronic review copy!

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