Friday, March 3, 2017

Outrage, by T.R. Ragan

In Furious, T.R. Ragan introduced us to Faith McMann.  A school teacher and housewife, Faith is transformed when home invaders kill her husband and kidnap her children.  She becomes a wrathful, dogged pursuer of justice and hunter of the people who stole her children.  Furious ended with her freeing some captive abductees and taking a chunk out of a major human trafficking operation, but without her finding her daughter.  The story continues in book 2 of the Faith McMann trilogy, Outrage.

Her exploits in Furious attracted a lot of attention by both the media and the crime bosses.  Now she and the rest of her extended family are targets.  Less determined souls would shut down the hunt and appease the offenders, but Faith won't quit until she finds her son and daughter.  In Outrage her family is strained, but even at the cost of their own lives, they are willing to help her continue.  Her friends from the anger management class are similarly committed.  Faith even comes close to being swept up in the awful stream of sex trafficking herself.  The dedication of Faith's family and friends to work together and risk everything for the sake of Faith's children is inspiring.  The bad guys better watch out when Faith and her crew are on the case!

Knowing that this was book 2 of a trilogy, I was not disappointed by the lack of resolution, as I was when I finished book 1.  To the contrary, Outrage builds the story and builds the anticipation for what (I hope!) will be a satisfying finish in Wrath.  Fair warning, the subject matter is gritty and disturbing.  Ragan practices restraint in her descriptions of the world of sex trafficking, but the reality is nevertheless hard to read.  I found myself rooting for Faith and eager to grab book 3.

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