Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Kill Devil, by Mike Dellosso

Jed Patrick thought his days of dealing with Centralia, an off-the-books government agency, were behind him.  In Mike Dellosso's book, Kill Devil, the second Jed Patrick book, Jed and his family are on the run again.  Kill Devil is a thriller that might be compared to Lee Child or Robert Ludlum.  Full of action and psychological twists and turns, Dellosso keeps the suspense meter on high.

I did enjoy Kill Devil, but it didn't have the convincing level of detail and complexity of plot development that some of these more experienced thriller writers have.  That said, I wouldn't mind checking out Dellosso's first Jed Patrick book to get a better picture of what Centralia was all about.  I have a feeling that Patrick will be back for more action in another book.

Thanks to the Tyndale Blog Network for the complimentary electronic review copy!

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