Friday, June 24, 2016

Edward Adrift, by Craig Lancaster

It has been about three years since Edward's father died, and now Edward finds himself . . . adrift.  Craig Lancaster has followed up his first novel, 600 Hours of Edward, with Edward Adrift.  Edward isn't quite as fixed in his routines as he used to be.  Even though his father left him a nice trust fund (he's f---ing loaded), he has enjoyed working at the newspaper.  At least he did, until he was let go.  With time on his hands, he makes plans to go visit his former neighbors, who have moved to Boise, and then to Texas to spend Christmas with his mother.  He hits the road--and the adventure begins.

Equipped with his new "bitchin' iPhone," loaded up with all of R.E.M.'s music, he heads west in his dad's Cadillac.  On the way he gets punched in the nose, nearly runs off the road due to texting while driving, and subsequently gets his first traffic ticket.  In Boise, things go poorly, and when he leaves earlier than expected he gets a stowaway--his troubled, teenage friend.  They continue the road trip together, venturing to a Colorado town he remembers visiting with his dad, years ago.

In Edward Adrift, Edward continues with his growth and increasing independence.  He gives up some of his routines, and improves his ability to develop relationships.  In fact, he may finally have found love. . . .  Lancaster's fans who loved 600 Hours will find the same type of humor and quirkiness in Edward Adrift that made them fall in love with Edward.  His perspectives on life, shaped by his OCD and Asperger's autism, might be different from those of neurotypical readers.  But we can see plenty to relate to and enjoy in Edward's adventures and observations.

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