Sunday, September 27, 2015

Tiny Games for Work, by Hide & Seek

Sometimes you just need a little diversion to break up the work day.  The folks at Hide & Seek have just the thing for you.  Tiny Games for Work is full of ideas for tiny games that you can play at work, many of them while actually working!

I like the fact that many of their game suggestions can be played without completely detracting from productivity.  I also like that fact that the games are positive, i.e. not destructive or bullying.  For example, one game challenges employees to attempt to pour on compliments to customers, with extra points for every use of the word "very."  (That's a very, very, very lovely dress you have on!)

Many of the games can be played anywhere, not just in the workplace.  If you need ideas for car games or party games, you'll find some fun ones here.  Challenge yourself to use the "random article" feature on Wikipedia, then incorporate the results into your e-mails all day.  Or, challenge yourself to see how many times you can get your chair to spin.  Or, challenge your co-workers to see who can build the tallest tower of Post-It notes.

When traffic is slow in your place of business, or the afternoon hours are getting too lazy, brighten up the office with a little distraction.  Challenge the mind with some mental gymnastics. Participate in some team building.  Just be sure not to attract the boss's ire.  Have fun!

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