Monday, April 27, 2015

Path of the Assassin, by Brad Thor

After saving the president, who had been kidnapped by the Lions of Lucerne, Brad Thor's hero Scot Harvath has a little free time.  Before he reports back to the White House for Secret Service duty, he does a bit of freelance terrorist hunting in The Path of the Assassin.  From the streets of Macau, to an airplane hijacking in Cairo, Harvath keeps crossing paths with an assassin with mysterious eyes.  And somehow the assassin is tied to a terrorist group that seems to be made up of Israelis seeking revenge for Muslim acts of terrorism.

But nothing is as simple as it seems, and sometimes Harvath is the only one who sees through it all.  Path of the Assassin solidifies Harvath's role as terrorist hunter extraordinaire.  He teams up with a beautiful, brilliant PR executive, who showed her mettle by fighting back against the hijackers in Cairo.  She and Harvath team up with the CIA to hunt the assassin with the memorable eyes, but of course the CIA cuts them off, and they have to continue on their own.

Path of the Assassin has everything you'd expect in Thor's Scot Harvath novels, and moves Harvath's story along.  But it seemed to be a step down from The Lions of Lucerne.  It's just too much, a little too easy for Harvath.  Also, as I mentioned in my review of The Lions of Lucerne, the abridged audio version is too abridged.  I'm done with Thor's abridgements.  But I do like Harvath; I'm not done with him.  Next up: State of the Union.

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