Sunday, September 24, 2017

Texas Hill Country, by Eric W. Pohl

The words "the Hill Country" are sure to fire the imagination of any Texan.  There are lots of pretty spots across this great state, but the region with the most is surely the Hill Country.  Photographer and native Texan Eric W. Pohl is a lover and resident of the Hill Country.  He photographs and shares some of its beauty in Texas Hill Country: A Scenic Journey.  

With his gorgeous photography, he captures impressive vistas, beautiful landmarks, a few man-made spots, waterways, and, of course, plenty of wildflowers.  If you have a favorite spot in the Hill Country, you'll likely find it here.  Fredricksburg, Enchanted Rock, the Frio River, Pedernales Falls, Hamilton Pool, Lost Maples, and Garner State Park are some of my favorites that he pictures.  You will certainly find some places to visit or revisit.

Texans know what a treasure we have in the Hill Country.  Unfortunately, many others are discovering it as well.  Pohl's book focuses on the undisturbed, undeveloped landscapes.  Hopefully development and popularity won't ruin it for future generations.  And if you can't get there, stuck in the city or stuck out of state somewhere, Pohl's book will call you back.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the complimentary electronic review copy!

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