Friday, June 2, 2017

Term Limits, by Vince Flynn

Before Vince Flynn started his long-running series of Mitch Rapp novels, he jumped into the world of political thrillers with Term Limits.  This novel, Flynn's first, is set shortly before the events of the first Mitch Rapp novels, but clearly in the same timeline (some of the characters carry over into the Rapp novels, and some of the events referred to in Term Limits are important in the Rapp novels).

An assassin takes out three key government officials within a few hours, and a set of political demands is issued.  It's up to the young, idealistic congressman Michael O'Rourke to get to the bottom of the assassinations, which have the potential to spring some leaks that Washington power players would rather not be sprung.

Term Limits is a great start for a first-time novelist, filled with political intrigue, covert action and intel, and cynicism about the corruption endemic to Washington, D.C.  Readers of the Rapp books will agree, I think, that Flynn definitely improved his game as the series developed, but Term Limits is strong enough to demand returning Flynn's other books.

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