Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Gift of Enough, by Marianne Miller

Marianne Miller, a Crown Financial Ministries counselor, has heard plenty of stories from her clients who have substantial incomes but who never seem to have enough money.  In The Gift of Enough: Raising Grateful Kids in a Culture of Excess, Miller describes some of the principles she and her husband have tried to instill in her family so that they avoid the financial traps so many fall into.

The Gift of Enough is first of all a very personal book.  Miller tells story after story of her experiences raising her boys.  She has learned lessons and made mistakes, but has shown a great deal of consistency that has paid off at every stage.  Parents would do well to follow her example in talking to their children about money and in modelling good habits.

In terms of application, Miller's suggestions are practical and doable.  Like many books in the genre, she seems to be much more concerned with preventative rather than restorative solutions.  For someone whose kids are older, or who has traveled a ways down the road of poor financial decisions, this book may induce more groans of regret than plans to move forward.

While the focus of The Gift of Enough is on finances, it's really much more broad than than.  Miller addresses attitudes, family life, parenting, time management, and more.  It is challenging, and perhaps convicting, without condemning or shaming.  Pick it up and let Miller help you whip your own financial life--and the financial and life habits you are modelling and teaching your children--into shape.

Thanks to the author for the complimentary review copy!

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