Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Food: A Love Story, by Jim Gaffigan

Funny man Jim Gaffigan loves food.  And I love to hear him talk about food.  In Food: A Love Story, Gaffigan puts together some of his best stand-up routine jokes about food.  His hilarious stories and attitude kept me laughing out loud from start to finish.

He wants to be clear: he's not a foodie.  He writes, "I think of myself as an 'eatie.'" Unlike foodies, who are "on a never-ending search for new restaurants and interesting dishes," Gaffigan believes "there is plenty of regular food I still want to enjoy."  Gaffigan has one credential to present: his waistline.  You don't want to take food advice from a skinny person.  However, you don't want to take advice from someone who is too fat.  "If they are morbidly obese, then  you can conclude that they will probably eat everything and anything and do not have discerning taste."

Apply this logic to tacos.  "When a thin person announces, 'Here's a great taco place,' I kind of shut down a little.  How you they know it's so great?  From smelling the tacos?"  If they loved a taco but only ate one because of their diet, "A taco that won't force you to break your diet just can't be that great."  By the way, Gaffigan shares my love of Mexican food: "Anyone who doesn't like Mexican food is a psychopath. . . . Even bad Mexican food is better than 90 percent of all other foods."  Amen, brother.

Gaffigan is hilarious and fun to listen to.  And, as a bonus, I can actually listen to him with my kids!  That's a rarity among stand-up comics.  As a fellow eatie, Food: A Love Story cracked me up and would be worth listening to or reading again.

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