Saturday, October 22, 2016

Vader's Little Princess, by Jeffrey Brown

Imagine that instead of being whisked off to Alderaan as a baby, Leia was raised by her biological father, Darth Vader?  That's exactly what Jeffrey Brown imagined in Vader's Little Princess.  "Episode Three and Three-Quarters: VADER'S LITTLE PRINCESS.  Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith, continues to rule the Galactic Empire and is out to destroy the heroic Rebel Alliance.  Meanwhile, he must raise his young daughter, Leia, as she grows from a sweet little girl--into a rebellious teenager. . . ."

Vader's Little Princess is not a story but a series of one-page vignettes of Vader's life as a single dad of a teenage girl.  She's growing up, getting a mind of her own, and dating boys that don't meet Vader's approval.  Leia shows typical teenage attitude, rebellion, and a desire for independence, but there are some tender moments, too.  Any dad of teenage girls will tell you life comes with both.  The inside jokes and movie references will delight Star Wars fans, and Vader's parental experiences will elicit nods of agreement from parents of teens.

It's silly, but great fun.  If you're a Star Wars fan and a parent, you will thoroughly enjoy this book.

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