Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Whistler, by John Grisham

John Grisham books are pretty much the definition of the legal thriller..  Every time one of his new books come out, you can count on it being a page turner and a best-seller.  The Whistler is not an exception.  Three months after its release, The Whistler is still at or near the top of the best-seller lists.  Is it a page-turner?  Mildly.

The Whistler features a corrupt judge, Indian casinos, and a little-known and secretive crime organization that has its hand in real estate, clubs, golf courses, hotels, and resorts throughout Florida.  Lacy Stoltz is a lawyer investigating the judge, who has been skimming off the casino with the help of the criminal developer.  Lacy pokes the hive and becomes a target herself.  In cahoots with her new FBI boyfriend, a former lawyer on the run, and a mole--the whistler--familiar with the judge's activities, she tries to bring down the whole enterprise.

This is pretty typical Grisham, but if I had never read any of his books before I'm not sure The Whistler would inspire me to pick up another one.  The money laundering, the corruption, and the whistle blower herself just didn't grab me the way his characters and plot lines usually do.  Of course I had to finish it, because I wanted to see how it would all resolve, but I felt rather indifferent about the resolution.

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