Monday, November 28, 2016

Furious, by T. R. Ragan

Faith McMann is Furious.  Coming home from work with her two kids, she thought she was going to have an uneventful evening preparing for her son's birthday party.  The minor frustrations of the yard needing mowing and her sister's cooperation with the party preparations fade away when she enters her home to see her husband and terrified children bound by gun-toting strangers.  She witnesses their murdering her husband before they slash her throat and leave her for dead.  After a stay in the hospital, she awakes to find that her children are missing.

Determined to find her children and frustrated by what she perceives as a lackluster effort by the police, Faith and some new friends dig into the dark world of organized crime and human trafficking. Sensitive readers may find T.R. Ragan's story to be too realistic and gritty.  She does not sensationalize the subject matter, but it is tough material.

Faith is a heroine we can relate to.  She's not ex-special forces.  She has no combat training or super powers.  She is a mother and a wife and a school teacher who suffers an incomprehensible loss and fights back every way she knows how.  Tough moms will empathize with her unyielding instinct to protect her children.  Readers will cheer her on and will want to pick up book two of the Faith McMann trilogy to see how she continues the fight.

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