Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Seek and Hide, by Amanda Stevens

Is it difficult to imagine a future U.S. in which Christianity is outlawed completely?  If your imagination fails you, lend an ear to Amanda Stevens.  Seek and Hide is the first of four books in her Haven Seekers series.  In this all-to-believable future, Christianity has been deemed a dangerous worldview.  Pro-lifers took things one clinic bombing too far, and the powers-that-be decided Christianity would be outlawed.

In Seek and Hide, we meet Marcus, a recovering alcoholic and recent convert who makes it his personal mission to save as many Christians from arrest, imprisonment, and perhaps worse.  Through some personal sleuthing he warns some Christians that the Constabulary has a warrant for them.  But it gets much more personal when he picks up Aubrey, who is actively fleeing the Con cops.

Stevens definitely writes with a feminine tone.  Marcus is cast as the handsome, muscular strong-but-silent type.  Aubrey is attracted to him, but Marcus has eyes for Lee, who won't let Marcus get close because of her history of pain.  Don't get me wrong, Seek and Hide is not a romance novel, but the relationships of these three make up a good deal of the story.

Of course, the main thrust of the story is Aubrey's flight from the Con cops, her efforts, with Marcus and Lee's help, to get her baby back from the Con cop's custody, and Marcus's ongoing personal mission to save as many Christians as he can.

The scary thing about Seek and Hide is how believable it is.  For the most part, life goes on in the U.S. of A.  There are even government-approved quasi-religious groups and versions of a Bible, thoroughly edited and expurgated, of course.  But get caught meeting in a Christian worship service, or possessing a real Bible, and things get nasty.  One only has to thing of Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany to see how quickly a sick, anti-Christian perspective can take over a country.  It can't happen here, of course. . . . Or can it?

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