Friday, February 20, 2015

The Gift God Wants, by Lenae Litzinger

Lenae Litzinger had lived much of her life seeking to please God and others through her own efforts.  Gradually she began to relinquish control and enter into more intimacy with God.  As illustrated in the cover photograph of her book The Gift God Wants: Finding Joy and Peace in a Life of Surrender, she visualized taking all her "hopes, dreams, talents, all my fears, sins and failures . . . everything that I am, and placing them in a humble, rugged box with a little bow and presenting my 'gift' to the Savior."  The book records her experiences as she learns to give that gift to Jesus.

What Mrs. Litzinger lacks in theological depth and biblical insight she makes up for with her honest and personal reflections on what God has taught her.  The Gift God Wants is a very personal narrative.  It reminded me of sitting in a church small group with a thoughtful, reflective person who bares her soul as we meet.  The twenty-six short chapters, each followed with several scripture passages, are just right for daily devotional reading.

The Gift God Wants will appeal especially to young women who enjoy narrative, journal-like devotional reading.  But even a middle-age dude like me can enjoy and be inspired by her writing!

Thanks to Lenae Litzinger for the complimentary review copy!

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